Lake Placid New York

Lake Placid New York
Fall Ride 2010-Keene Valley, NY

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How Much More Can I Put On It?

Well the Boulevard is all snuggled up in the shed but I find myself, on a daily basis, still researching various things that are motorcycle related. I'll probably be surprised when I start to wrap Christmas presents how many of them have to do with motorcycling. I think I went a little overboard this year.

I guess I never really got the idea about not overloading a bike with too much stuff or "farkels". Saddlebags, tank bag, clock, grip heaters and then all that stuff that goes into the bags. Communications and all the little things that go with it too- mp3 player, dongle, cell phone. Then there's the gear- heavier textile jacket for spring and fall with a zip out liner for when it gets warmer. Then a mesh jacket for those 90+ degree days, but it has a liner for when the sun goes down and it gets cool. Then there's the 4 pairs of various weights of gloves. An extra thermal shirt packed away, extra socks, maybe a light-weight fleece if I want to leave my jacket with the bike while strolling. The list, freighteningly enough, goes on.

Surrounding myself with comfort is my way of taking away a little of the apprehension of riding I still have. Even though I've had my license for several years I didn't actually put solid miles on a bike, while piloting, until this year. Having background music and being able to talk to Blaise while riding seems to keep me calmer. On a few rides this year Blaise got ahead of me (I told him to have a blast on the twisties) and I wasn't nearly as nervous to be out there alone. I ride my own ride and I am definitely getting more comfortable with it.

But sometimes I ask myself how much is too much to take on the bike- to the point of thinking "I could have just taken the car". Ah, but the point is the ride. And if I can ride in comfort then I ride with less anxiety but not with any less attention to all that needs attention on the road when you are a cycle rider.

So I won't chastize myself too much for perusing tool bags to hang on the Boulevard's front end, or a cool matching thermometer to go next to my clock. I know where this need comes from and I'm conquering it- one ride at a time.

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  1. Goldwings were created to answer these very questions! Yon can have all of your stuff and still ride the bike!